Avid readers will have noted the lack of diet updates. I wish I was able to post a picture of myself in what should have been the final 10 days. I confess – no such picture exists.


Days 31-40 were actually very good: successful low carbing and 4 lbs down.

Then came… DUN DUN DUN… my birthday.

I started with the intention to have a few drinks, while being good about sugar and going to the gym. That intention lasted as long as it took to pick up the first cocktail menu. An epic 23 stop pub crawl – which must count as exercise – led to a few days of necessary recovery and birthday cake.

This was accompanied by… DUN DUN DUN… biblical heatwave.

Three weeks of humidity sucked all my energy, and the idea of going to gym seemed impossible. As productivity faltered, and insecurity spiked, anxiety and self sabotage took the reins.

I know, I know. These are all excuses. At any point in the following month, I could have got back on the horse. I have my reasons. And I made my choices.

But the 100 Days will continue. I am back on course starting this Saturday. And happily, I’m feeling good about the way I look at the moment. I have been selected for a special training course at work, which involves a trip in October, so I also have a new target date.

In summary: I have sucked. I may well suck again. But I will not suck forever.