I’m on Day 39 but only just reporting on 21-30. This is very poor.

As well as being busy, I find myself with certain things on my mind, which are not quite blog-worthy or blog-ready. Blogging about that which does not preoccupy my mind seems dishonest somehow. Reminding myself that my blog is supposed to help my writing discipline only serves to remind me that I have no discipline.

Days 21-30 were a mixed bag with more than a few wobbles. I started to feel tired and the scales were doing a Theresa May impression and refusing to budge, even though I was sticking to my diet and going to the gym. Plateauing can happen for a number of reasons, including menstrual cycle, not drinking enough water, over-exercising or because the gods roll a dice.

Sometimes a cheat day can help boost your metabolism back up, so I had a couple of chocolate cookies and a scone. Saying my “cheat day” counted as staying within my diet because I designated a cheat day may play a little fast and loose with the rules.

Alcohol is a diet killer. It’s not just the calories from the alcohol, it’s also the associated munchies when you’re drunk and the hungover need for food. I had a couple of sessions in this cycle and it definitely affected my motivation (but less than usual).

I could feel the plan drifting at the edges. I needed to dig in. So I made the only decision I could make. I have tried to avoid it for so long but eventually had to accept it.

I switched to low carb.

Low carb is, in my experience, the best way to lose weight. However, it means you can’t even nibble sweets, or crisps, or pasta. Getting food when you’re out can be tricky and cocktails are not on the menu. And did I mention, you can’t eat pasta?

The switch, and ending the cycle strong with some 4/4 days, meant I finished with 2 lbs lost, and hit the 1 stone loss within 30 days target! After a slow start, I’m happy. I am going to do another 10 days on low carb, and then decide whether to take a break for a couple of days for my birthday. Because a birthday without cake and cocktails would be a sad birthday. And we can always make it the 102 Day Diet.

100 Day 21-30