Anti-wrinkle cream there may be, but anti-fat bastard cream there is none.

(The Full Monty)

20 days down – 20% done.

Another 4 lbs down. Or not. Depending on which sodding day I stood on the scales. The scale and I have fallen out.

Starting to feel like a slog now, but I’ve only got to do this four more times. If the scale is not going to be friendly, I will have to adjust my tactics. I go to the gym at least four times so need to ensure I don’t cut calories too deep. I am doing all the right things but plateauing is the worst part of dieting. I am starting to feel my muscles again and my clothes are looser. But I don’t feel like the scales is listening to me when I make these points.

On Day 14, I only scored 2 out of 4. I decided to try some very healthy sweet potato brownie bites from Wholefoods. By the time I realised that meant I was supposed to hit the gym instead, it was too late. I did two gym sessions on Day 17 to make up for it. It’s fair to say that I’m deep into the negotiating zone now, and I must confess that there is a day here when I gave myself a “No Alcohol” sticker even though I had a thimble of Prosecco. I don’t even like Prosecco but it was  free.

Giving into temptation is rarely satisfying. That’s something I need to bear in mind throughout my life!

Diet 11-20