Yes! I am one of those “cool parents” who takes their kids to inappropriate adult comedy shows. I have long suspected I was a “cool parent”, but now it’s official. In fact, I am peng AF. I am keeping a look out for some sort of certificate in the post.

Taking your kids to grown-up comedy is like Russian Roulette. You never know when the narrative might veer into the distinctly uncomfortable. When your children are young, you get to tell yourself that certain things ‘go over their heads’. My son is 17; I don’t want to know that he gets those kinds of jokes, I don’t want to know what he understands. We have got to a stage when we can talk about sex but I’m not ready to listen to him laughing heartily about rimming.

And how often do you see a comedian ridicule some teenager who is sat next to his parent? Fortunately, my son has matured over the years and no longer drags me to the front row as he always did when he was little.

So it was that we were safely ensconced near the back row at the monthly comedy night at Wimbledon Theatre Studio. It’s a snip at £10, for those who are local to me. Expect to hear lots of jokes about how posh Wimbledon is, which grate a bit over the evening.

There were four acts and a compere, and the standard was very high. You could pick out some of the new material being tested that might need some polish, but I actually enjoy seeing that part of the development process.

You can often expect to see a well known name on the bill. We had Seann Walsh off the telly, demonstrating that experience and comic talent are obvious, even when he didn’t feel like making much effort.

The other acts were Ian Smith, Olga Koch, Fiona Ridgewell and, our favourite, Tom Deacon.

Afterwards my boy said, “I really enjoyed that. Thanks.” Parents of teens will understand the Sasquatch-like quality of a genuine unbidden appreciation. I was reminded throughout the night how much we have in common, and how close we are, and how much I love just spending time with him. I have a cool kid, peng AF. Maybe I’ll make him a certificate too.

[Edit: This blog uses the word Peng incorrectly.  Something can be peng, which means good/cool. But when you say a person is peng, it can only mean attractive. I have not edited the blog as my constant misuse of peng annoys my son wonderfully.]