Thought for the Day: I could have called this blog “40 F UK”, which would have been way better.

After a tough day, I thought I’d focus on lighter notes and give myself easier homework.

This year, I decided to get rid of To Do  Lists and have a list of fun stuff that makes me smile, for no good reasons at all. I’m recording it here and will edit with updates periodically.

  1. GET A TATTOO: I have wanted a large tattoo for a few years but was persuaded to get a smaller one first. I committed and got my first tattoo at the end of January – a pine tree for my son and Scotland. I love it. STATUS: DONE
  2. OWN MY DREAM CAR: My son and I love the classic Ford Mustang. If I can find a good one (and if the house budget allows it), I’d love to get one this year. I’d settle for a Ford shortbed truck.
  3. CLEAR TIVO: Odd ambition but I’d love to lose the weight of all the programmes I’ve recorded, so I’m watching or deleting everything. STATUS: At 51% on 1 March
  4. TAKE SINGING LESSONS: I don’t have an amazing voice but I love singing and would like to feel more confident singing in public. To be celebrated with some major karaoke later in the year.
  5. GO ON ADVENTUROUS HOLIDAY / USE UP AIRMILES: Have even considered a singles trip (huge cringe) or travelling alone. It just has to be a real adventure, somewhere beautiful.
  6. BUY MYSELF A RING: What was it that independent woman Beyonce said? I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings. Why wait for a man to buy me something decadent and sparkly?
  7. [Redacted] This one is a secret for now as I want it to be a surprise. STATUS: Started
  8. TAKE BUDDHISM COURSE: Another calling over many years – booked twice and not turned up. On a trip to Vietnam, I saw something which told me this was the right pat h. I talk about joy and I think this will be a huge part of that.
  9. MY LITTLE PONY HAIR: Messing this my hair colour over the last couple of years has brought me much happiness. I loved the lilac. The silver was awesome. This year I want full-on rainbow hair.

To be continued…

What would be on your Fuck-It List?